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2014-05-23 Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA - The 3rd Year (December 8-11, 2014):
More information can be found here.

2014-05-20 Transformational Science in the ALMA Era: Multi-Wavelength Studies of Galaxy Evolution (August 4-7, 2014):
More information can be found here.

2014-05-20 East Asia ALMA Science Workshop 2014 (July 14-17, 2014):
The program can be found here.

2013-10-25 ALMA Users Workshop 2013 (Nov. 8):
Home page is here.

2013-10-24 ALMA Cycle 2 Call for Proposals is now open:
24 October 2013: Call for Proposals for Cycle 2.
More information for ALMA users from Taiwan are here.
ALMA Taiwan Mock Review.

2013-09-25 ALMA Cycle 2 Pre-announcement:
24 October 2013: Call for Proposals for Early Science Cycle 2.
5 December 2013: Proposal Deadline.

2013-09-11 NRAO eNews & ALMA Project Status:
NRAO eNews (Sep. 9, 2013).
The ALMA local staff union and the ALMA partners signed a new 2-year employment agreement.

2013-07-18 East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2013:
Time: September 2-4.
The program is here.

2013-07-18 The 2nd ASIAA-tuCASA ALMA Imaging Workshop 2013:
Time: August 31.
Tutorial information are available here.

2013-07-01 ALMA cycle 1 and cycle 2 timelines:
Cycle 1 observations continue & the DDT proposals will be accepted until May 2014.

The call for Cycle 2 proposals will be made in Oct. 2013.

2013-06-27 ALMA opens new windows to exploring the Universe:
An important step taken in Chile: Taiwan participated FEIC installed at the ALMA site.

2013-04-12 2013 Rocks conference (April 8–12) successfully finished:
Pictures of the 2013 Rocks conference: Transformational Science with ALMA - From Dust to Rocks to Planets Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems.

2013-03-18 ALMA Inaugurated:
Taiwan's Contribution Recognized in World's Largest Astronomical Telescope Project.

Pictures of the Press Release and the inauguration.

2013-03-14 The movie ALMA - In Search of our Cosmic Origins:
The movie ALMA - In Search of our Cosmic Origins.

2013-02-18 ALMA Users Workshop for CY1 Phase II Procedure (February 22, 2013):
ALMA Users Workshop for CY1 Phase II Procedure.

2013-01-09 Highest Priority projects from Taiwan for Cycle 1:
The list of the 14 highest priority ALMA Cycle 1 projects selected from Taiwan can be found here.

2013-01-04 tuCASA – ASIAA ALMA Imaging Workshop 2013 (January 22–24):
The tuCASA – ASIAA ALMA Imaging Workshop (AIW) 2013.
Update: Pictures of the WorkShop


Available ALMA Data

Several ALMA data sets are already released. Here are the quick links:
> SV Data
> ALMA Data Archive NAOJ
> ALMA Data Archive JVO

Science Highlights

Some first science highlights from the Taiwanese astronomical community:
> Science Highlights


ASIAA is involved in several ALMA related projects and thus plays a significant role in ALMA, providing access to this major ground-based facility to the Taiwanese astronomical community.

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Project Description


The Atacama Large Millimeter/ submillimeter Array (ALMA) will be the major new facility for observations in the millimeter/submillimeter regime. It will enable transformational research into the physics of the cold Universe, probe the first stars and galaxies, and directly image the formation of planets.

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